“The Sled” is a new children’s Christmas book, a fantastical story about a little girl who tries to save Christmas from the Frost King.  The characters in the book are named after the authors’ grandchildren.

This marvelous Christmas story will entrance your child from the first page to the last, and teaches the important childhood lesson that every child can make a difference.  Destined to become a classic, we meet Naomi Jo who wants the fancy red-runner sled in the toy store window, but can’t afford it.  She meets a magician, however, who teaches her to catch snowflakes on her tongue.  When the first snowflake lands on her tongue, a magical twinkle sparkles in her eyes.

On her way to school, the junkyard man notices her look longingly at the shiny new sled she wants.  With her Mother’s permission, she and the junkyard man cobble together a sled, that works great.  But, she’s embarrassed about how the junkyard sled looks and instead of sledding safely with her classmates on the Fox Hill Country Club hill, she hides and unknowingly sleds down the dangerous Bear Canyon.

From there, goes on a fantastical adventure.

In Naomi Jo’s dream after she landed at the bottom of the Bear Canyon, Duchess the sled dog, Kingston the Bighorn ram and Bella the snow leopard help her escape from the Frost King’s icicle jail because the animals noticed a magical twinkle in her eye.  As her sled slipped down the canyon walls, she knocked a big icicle loose, awakening the Frost King from his cold slumber on the mountainside.

But the Frost King is hot on their trail to the North Pole, freezing everything in sight with his icicle bolts – the elves, reindeer, toys, Santa’s sleigh and even Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Naomi Jo was too late.  Christmastime had stopped, and it was Christmas Eve!

You’ll have to read the last chapter to see if Naomi Jo saves Santa and Christmas.  Get the ebook by clicking here.



The Sled Chapter 4 (sample)

Here’s the setup:  Our heroine, Naomi Jo, is in the midst of a dream after falling off her cobbled-together junkyard sled and hitting her head.  In her dream, she just escaped from the Frost King’s icicle jail with the help of her newfound animal friends, Duchess the sled dog, Kingston the Bighorn ram and Bella the snow leopard.

To fend off the Frost King, Bella leaped to return his attack and bit his arm of frozen ice, breaking it.  The animals protected Naomi because they saw a twinkle of magic in Naomi’s eyes.  They immediately knew she had come to save Christmas from being frozen by the Frost King.

But the Frost King is hot on their trail to the North Pole and now that he healed his arm, he’s throwing icicle bolts everywhere, freezing everything in his path to stop Christmas.  Each of the characters in The Sled are named after Craig & Chris’ grandchildren.

Chapter 4

The Frost King awoke with his new icicle arm.  He jumped up and hurried to the North Pole, following the tracks Naomi and the animals had left in the snow. On the way there, he froze everything that had to do with Christmas, starting with Santa’s toy factory and the elves. Nothing could move. The Frost King cracked an icy smile.

When the Frost King found Santa’s reindeer in their meadow at the North Pole, he froze them, too. The Frost King even froze Santa’s red sleigh in the barn.

Just then Naomi, Kingston, the Bighorn ram, Duchess, the sled dog, and Bella, the snow leopard, arrived at Santa’s cottage at the North Pole. Naomi knocked on Santa’s door to warn him about the Frost King.

But before Santa could answer the door, they heard a loud crack, and the Frost King stepped out of the mist.

Get the ebook by clicking here.